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Pilot exemption certificate

Pilot Exemption Certificate

Navigational officers with a valid pilot exemption certificate may sail vessels in and out of Faroese harbours even if the vessel is subject to compulsory pilotage. The pilot exemption certificate can not be used on board oil-, gas- and chemical tankers, passenger vessels above 200 m, nuclear powered vessels and vessels carrying certain dangerous goods.

To be eligible for a pilot exemption certificate, the applicant must have:

  • a valid COC as a navigational officer
  • proof of either three voyages in and out of the harbour in question in the last 12 months or ample experience.

The cost of a pilot exemption certificate is DKK 1175. Please note that the applicant pays for the bank charges.

The pilot exemption certificates must be renewed every five years and the requirements are the same as above.

Use this form to apply for a pilot exemption certificate.

Verification of navigation into and out of harbour.