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    Safety at Sea:

    Executive Order No. 153 from 21 Dec 2012 on pilotage, fees, etc.


    Executive Order No. 3 of 6 January 2017 on the Posting of Information on the Rights of Seafarers and the Masters under the Act on Compensation for Industrial Injuries

    Executive Order No. 4 of 6 January 2017 on Insurance or other Financial Security for Covering the Shipowner’s Liability towards the Seafarer and the Master in case of Breach of the Employment Agreement

    The Employees Guarantee Fund - declaration
    The Faroese National Health Insurance - declaration
    The Faroese Maternity/Paternity System - declaration
    The Social Office - declaration
    The Faroese National Board of Industrial Injuries - declaration

    Executive Order No. 105 of 5 August 2015 on certificates of competency and qualification requirements to manning on ships

    Parl. Act No. 4 from 15 January 1988 on Seafarers' conditions of employment with later amendments - English version 

    EXECUTIVE ORDERS under the MLC 2006 and the Faroese Seafarers' Act:

    Executive Order No. 41 on food on board Faroese ships

    Executive Order No. 42 on the handling of complaints on board Faroese ships

    Executive Order No. 43 on seafarers' employment agreements

    Executive Order No. 68 on the activities of private recruitment and placement services for seafarers


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