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Maritime Labour Convention


On 20 August 2013, the Maritime Labour Convention (MLC) entered into force. The MLC applies to all cargo and passenger ships, irrespective of size. As of that date, the MLC became a part of Faroese maritime legislation.

The Convention implies stricter flag State control obligations, as well as a possibility of controlling ships from other countries through Port State Control.

The convention introduced a requirement for certification to document compliance for ships with a tonnage of or above 500 engaged in international trade.

The overall purpose of the MLC is to ensure all aspects of seafarers’ conditions of employment, from the conclusion of employment contracts over the right to a free homeward voyage to occupational health and social security.On this webpage we follow up on the Convention and related Faroese legislation and the subsequent implications for the Faroese fleet.


Safety at Sea:

Executive Order no. 104 of 9 July 2019 on small vessels carrying a maximum of up to 12 passengers

Parl. Act No. 165 of 21 December 2001 on Safety at Sea as last amended by Parliamentary Act No. 85 of 29 May 2017

Executive Order No 83 of 14 June 2019 on sailing with passengers in smaller boats launched from passenger ships


Executive Order No. 3 of 6 January 2017 on the Posting of Information on the Rights of Seafarers and the Masters under the Act on Compensation for Industrial Injuries

Executive Order No. 4 of 6 January 2017 on Insurance or other Financial Security for Covering the Shipowner’s Liability towards the Seafarer and the Master in case of Breach of the Employment Agreement

The Employees Guarantee Fund - declaration
The Faroese National Health Insurance - declaration
The Faroese Maternity/Paternity System - declaration
The Social Office - declaration
The Faroese National Board of Industrial Injuries - declaration

Parl. Act No. 4 of 15 January 1988 on Seafarers' conditions of employment etc. as last amended by Parl. Act No. 133 of 20 December 2016

Executive Order No. 42 of 14 May 2013 on handling of complaints on board Faroese ships

Executive Order No. 43 of 14 May 2013 on seafarers' employment agreements

Executive Order No. 68 of 23 may 2013 on the activities of private recruitment and placement services for seafarers