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Do seafarers’ employment contracts have to be in English?
No, a contract can be in Faroese if the seafarer can read and understand what it says. If the ship is engaged in international trade and a standard seafarer’s contract is used, this contract must be available on board in English.

Do seafarers’ employment contracts have to be in paper format?
No, it can be available in an electronic version, but it must be signed by both parties.

Does the original seafarers’ employment contract have to be available on board?
No, a copy can be kept on board, but it must be clear that both parties have signed the contract.

Does the seafarer have to have access to a monthly statement of wages?
Yes, and it can be electronic.

The shipowner must comply with the DMLC, Part II. Does the Faroese Maritime Authority have any good advice for the wording?
You are advised to be careful about the detailing of references. It would be a problem if, for example, you refer to specific ISM procedures. This would mean that you must be issued with new MLC certificates every time you make changes to the ISM system.

According to its tonnage certificate, my ship has a GT of 670 and a GRT of 399. Does the ship have to be certified according to the MLC?
If the GRT is below 500 and is stated in the Remarks column of the International Tonnage Certificate (1969), the the answer is no.

How do I apply for a DMLC, Part I?
Contact the Faroese Maritime Authority at fma@fma.fo with an application for the issuance of a DMCL, Part I. The application must contain the ship's particulars and be enclosed with documentation of the ship’s exemptions related to accommodation spaces and recreational facilities, if any.