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Ship of the Year

Each year, the FMA rewards a ship under Faroese flag with the honor “Ship of the Year”. We acknowledge that the demands from authorities and cargo owners to officers and crew and the fierce surveillance by port state controls on merchant ships are tremendously high. It is of great importance to the FMA that ships in FAS are operated safely and responsibly. The performance has a vital effect on the Faroese flag and its position on the Paris MoU White list of flag performance. The award therefore acts as an incentive for ship owners and operators.

These vessels have been awarded Ship of the Year since 2013:

2023: Svitzer Hymer
2022: Svitzer Hymer
2021: Hav Nes

2019: Vinga Safir
2018: Fure Ferder
2017: Fure Nord
2016: Fure Nord
2015: Northern Ocean
2014: Norrøna
2013: Nordjarl

The best performing ship in FAS is identified on the following criteria:

The PSC performance over the last 3-year period where the ship’s number of zero-inspections are rewarded as follows:

- Expanded – 3 points -
- MDI – 2 points -
-Initial – 1 point

Ships over 500GT that sail in Paris MoU areas but have not been inspected in Paris MoU areas are rewarded with 3 points annually.

If two or more ships have the same score in the above, the lack of remarks and items in class records or other records will play a deciding role.