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Mission and Vision


Our primary objectives are to improve safety at sea, protect the marine environment and to safeguard the rights of our customers.


The Faroese Maritime Authority sets out to be a recognized and well-organized maritime administration that offers quality services to the maritime industry, the local government and to all our customers.


Thus, within the next 5-year period, the Faroese Maritime Authority aims at:

  1. being amongst the 10 prime flag states in the Paris MoU White List of flags
  2. having more than 200 ships registered in FAS
  3. taking pride in a fishing and commercial fleet, which in terms of safety and healthy work environment is rated amongst the best in the world
  4. offering competitive services, encompassing a proportionate share of web-based solutions for self services
  5. attaining always a customer satisfaction rate above average
  6. being rated amongst the best employers in the Faroe Islands, where employees flourish in good work conditions by challenging work assignments.