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On 16th Marh 2012 the Faroese government passed a new act on pilotage into Faroese ports.  With an aim to improve safety and to prevent pollution in Faroese near coastal waters, Parliamentary Act No. 21 stipulates mandatory pilotage for ships of given types and size.

The requirement to request pilotage applies to the following ships:
  • Ships of 500 GRT and larger
  • Oil, gas and chemical ships, irrespective of size
  • Irrespective of size, ships carrying dangerous goods as per the IMDG Code
  • Ships sailing with
    -   dirty tanks that have not been inerted
    -   more than 1000 tons of bunker oil on board
    -   radio active material.
The obligation to request pilotage as stipulated in § 1 of the Act does not apply to:
  • Faroese fishing vessels,
  • Fishery protection vessels in service for Faroese authorities
  • Military vessel
  • Royal ships and transport boats
  • Inter islands ferries, and
  • Ships on board which the officer on duty has a valid Pilot Exemption Certificate

When sailing into Faroese ports, you may apply to the authorities for a Pilot Exemption Certificate (PEC) by means of the linked Application Form

To inform yourself on the Faroese legislation on pilotage, please visit the links to