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Ships covered by certification must be issued with the following:

  • Maritime Labour Certificate.
  • Declaration of Maritime Labour Certificate, Part I (DMLC, Part I, i.e. Document of Compliance issued by the Faroese Maritime Authority).
  • Declaration of Maritime Labour Certificate, Part II (DMLC, Part II, i.e. Documentation of Compliance issued by the shipowner).
The Faroese Maritime Authority has authorized classification societies to conduct all MLC inspections and certification on all Faroese ships, irrespective of whether they are covered by certification or wish to be certified on a voluntary basis only, and irrespective of whether they are classed or not.


The procedures for inspection and certification are as follows:

  • Ships that are covered by certification before 20 August 2013:

I.e. Cargo and passenger ships with a gross tonnage of or above 500 engaged in international trade.


1. Contact the Faroese Maritime Authority (FMA) at fma@fma.fo with an application for the issuance of a DMLC, Part I. Included you must forward the following documentation:

  • Application for the issuance of a DMLC, Part I, indicating ship's particulars
  • Documentation of the ship’s exemptions related to accommodation spaces and recreational facilities, if any.

Based on the above, the FMA can issue a DMLC, Part I, and the following step be initiated by the shipowner:

2. Prepare the Declaration of Maritime Labour Certificate, Part II (DMLC Part II)

3. Contact the recognized organization for an inspection, DMLC Part II approval and MLC certification.

As a minimum, the following should be forwarded to the RO:

  • DMLC, Part I, issued by the FMA
  • Draft DMLC, Part II
  • Documents referred to in the DMLC, Part II
  • Company procedures on the handling of complaints on board
  • Information on the date of registry of the ship according to the Faroese Certificate of Nationality

If the documents mentioned below are of relevance to the ship concerned, they must also be forwarded to the classification society before the inspection:

  • Samples of the seafarers’ working and rest hour forms
  • Documentation if recruitment and placement services are used
  • Drawing of the accommodation in case of new-buildings or in case of major repairs after the entry into force
  • Standard table of the arrangement of the work on board
  • If applicable and used by company, standard format of seafarer's employment agreement

When the above has been considered by the classification society, a ship surveyor will visit your ship to inspect compliance with the requirements of the Maritime Labour Convention 2006 on board.

If the ship surveyor finds that the ship meets the requirements of the Maritime Labour Convention 2006, the certificate will be issued along with the DMLC, Part I and Part II.

Ships that are to be inspected but not certified, as well as certification on a voluntary basis:

Contact the classification society to arrange for an inspection in connection with the first mandatory survey applicable to the ship after 20 August 2013 and forward the following:

  • The same procedure as above. However, these ships are not to be surveyed (nor certified in the event it is applied for) before after 20 August 2013.