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Signing on and off


When signing on, it is the shipmasters’ duty to assure that the seafarer meets the existing requirements according to the Minimum Safe Manning Documents.


According to Executive Order no. 43 of 14 May, 2013 it is the duty of the shipowner to provide a written agreement between the seafarer and the shipping company/master about the conditions of employment.

Both parties have to sign the agreement.

Furthermore, take notice of  the Executive Order No. 112  of 21 August, 2013 on Seafarers’ right to free return home, expenses covered and financial security

The Executive Orders are  found amongst the executive orders that implement the MLC Convention into Faroese legislation here.

The shipwoner is also obliged to provide a similar agreement for the shipmaster:

Form:  Employment Agreement between seafarer and owner

The agreement must contain following information a.o.

  1. Name and date of birth of the seafarer and position for which the seafarer has been employed
  2. Name of the ship, call sign or IMO number
  3. The date stating when the employment begins and when the seafarer is to commence his service
  4. The date and place of discharge or terms of notice
  5. Terms of payment
  6. Trading area in which the seafarer has or is to do service
  7. The Collective Bargaining Agreement to which the contract is subject.

The original agreement must be kept on board along with other ship documents, and the seafarer must receive a copy of the agreement. The Faroese Maritime Authority must receive a copy of the agreement upon requrest.