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Executive Order on Notice B from the Faroese Maritime Authority, technical regulation on the construction and equipment, etc. of ships

Executive Order on Notice D from the Faroese Maritime Authority, technical regulation on the construction and equipment, etc. of passenger ships engaged in domestic voyages

Requirements for accommodation spaces are stipulated by chapter II-3 of Notice B and Notice D, respectively. Notice B applies to new cargo ships with a length (L) of or above 15 metres or with scantlings of or above 100 and to passenger ships engaged in international voyages. Notice D applies to all new passenger ships engaged in domestic voyages.

The regulation contains provisions on the location, construction and arrangement of accommodation spaces, including standing height, insulation of accommodation spaces and materials, corridors, staircases and doors, exits, ventilation, air conditioning and heating as well as mosquito nets, lighting, the arrangement of cabins, including provisions on berths, floor area, fittings, provisions on dining rooms, galleys and storerooms, provisions on sanitary installations (toilets and bathrooms), special changing rooms, laundry facilities, offices as well as cleaning and inspection, etc.

The requirements implementing this part, in which it is related to ship construction and equipment, apply only to ships the keel of which is laid or which are at a similar stage of construction on or after 20 August 2013, when the MLC enters into force.

As regards ships constructed before this date, the requirements on ship construction and equipment stipulated in ILO Convention no. 92 on the accommodation of ship's crews (revised) as well as ILO Convention no. 133 on the accommodation of ships crews (supplementary provisions) will continue to apply if they applied before the relevant date according to law and practice. A ship must be considered to be constructed on the date when the ship's keel is laid or when it is at a similar stage of construction.

Both ILO 92 and ILO 133 are fully implemented in Faroese law.

Thus, chapter II-3 issued in connection with the implementation of the MLC on accommodation spaces fully takes account of the requirements of the MLC, regulation 3.1.

Exemptions and equivalents

Any exemptions or equivalent solutions in relation to chapter II-3 must, however, be documented on board so that it is possible to verify compliance with the regulations during an inspection in a manner that is easy for the surveyor.

No exemptions have been made in the Faroese provisions. This is not possible within the framework of regulation 3.1.