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Recognition Certificates


Contact us and we will provide you with your log-in information to the online application system. If the FMA already has provided you with log-in information, please follow this link.

According to STCW reg. I/10, the Administration shall endorse the CoC to verify the authenticity and validity of the certificate. FMA will apply for the verification, but in some cases, the Administration demands that the applicant apply for the verification.


In order to serve on a Faroese flagged vessel, foreign officers and cooks will have to apply for a Certificate of Recognition. The Faroese shipping company or agent will apply on behalf of the seafarer.

An application to the Faroese Maritime Authority for a recognition certificate will need to be endorsed by such a company indicating a promise for engagement on board the company’s ships.

Checklist: A checklist with overview of neccesary documents for the application
Guideline for Applicaants
Declaration of Employment
Requirements for cooks: A list of requirements when applying for  a Faroese Recognition Certificate.
Verification of education for cooks
Recoqnized countries which have an agreement with Faroe Islands on recognition of certificates of competency.

An online course in Faroese maritime law is required in order to get a certificate of recognition. In some cases, an operational interview is necessary. The online course is available here:

If a seafarer has lost or misplaced his Certificate of Recognition, the shipping company must apply for a new certificate and comment how the certificate was lost.