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Work and Rest Hours

Work & Rest Hour Regulations

The Work & Rest Hour regulation was finalized in 2012.  The executive order No. 107 from 2 November 2012 on work and rest onboard Faroese flagged ships is found amongst the executive orders that implement the MLC convention into Faroese legislation.

The Faroese Maritime Authority recognizes that there are various ways of maintaining and keeping rest hour records.  A number of companies have resorted to computer software to help seafarers record their rest hours correctly and efficiently.  The computer software also helps the seafarer to avoid errors that often arise due to time pressure. Moreover, the software gives a warning when rest hours are violated, which in turn should -
a)  trigger a short deviation report to explain the reason for the violation, and
b)  ensure that sufficient rest is given in the period following immediately after.

For companies that have chosen an electronic solution, the FMA issues a formal approval of the use of said alternative solution:

Records of Work Rest Application Approval

The Faroese Maritime Authority also realizes that not all companies are ready to install such computer software. In line with Executive Order No. 107 on seafarers' hours of rest, the FMA presents a rest hour record sheet (in Excel), which makes the calculations correctly and helps you keep the rest hours in congruence with the regulations.

Timetable: Time table

Rest hour Records Sheet