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Accidents and incidents


FMA is responsible for the investigation of accident and incidents concerning damage to people and property at sea.

The purpose of these investigations is to determine the sequence of events and factors which contributed to the accident and/or incident in order to enable FMA to prevent and decrease the frequency of accidents/incidents.

FMA has no influence on possible criminal law or insurance issues in connection with accidents/incidents.
FMA has confidentiality in all investigations of accidents/incidents during the investigation period.

Relevant material such as pictures, printed data from navigational equipment, written reports and crew list must be attached to the completed report and sent by mail to:

The Faroese Maritime Authority
Bókbindaragøta 8
FO-100 Tórshavn
Faroe Islands

The data can also be sent by e-mail to fma@fma.fo

In case of accident or incident the master or the shipowner is obliged to report to the FMA as soon as possible. Related to kind of accident following forms shall be filled in and attached to the report:

Form: Notification of Accident at work concerning Seafarers and Fishers
Form: Report sheet concerning accidents and incidents at sea