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Medical Care



Act on seafarers' conditions of employment, etc., section 27, Executive Order on seafarers' right to care and Act on workers right to compensation
All in all, the regulations ensure the seafarer medical care, sickness benefit and employment injury benefit.Executive Order on medical treatment and ship's medicineMedical treatment, etc.
The regulations on medical treatment and ship's medicine apply to seafarers on board all ships with the exception of ships engaged in voyages of no more than half an hour's duration at sea and towboats and other ships navigating port areas. Similarly, the regulations on occupational health apply to all commercial work carried out on board new as well as existing Faroese ships.

The regulations ensure that, in consideration of a ship's trade area, a ship's medicine chest is on board with the prescribed equipment, guidelines and medicine and that the master and another seafarer has completed a medical examiner training programme meeting, inter alia, the requirements of the STCW Convention hereon.

The medical treatment on board must be arranged and carried out in accordance with the instructions given in the medical book authorised by the Danish Maritime Authority.

Through Radio Medical Denmark, professional assistance is ensured 24 hours a day and free of charge for Faroese cargo and passanger ships registered in the Faroese International Ship Register (FAS) as well as other Faroese ships in international voyages.

The ship's medical records, containing information about examinations, ordination from Radio Medical, treatment and the supply of medicaments, are confidential and handed over to the seafarer when he or she signs off. A copy of the record must be kept on board for a year, and subsequently the copy must be destroyed.

Executive Order on Notice B from the Faroese Maritime Authority, technical regulation on the construction and equipment, etc. of ships

Executive Order on Notice D from the Faroese Maritime Authority, technical regulation on the construction and equipment, etc. of passenger ships engaged on domestic voyages

Requirements for the medical treatment on board are stipulated in chapter II-3 of Notice B and Notice D, respectively.
Notice B applies to new cargo ships with a length (L) of or above 15 metres or with scantlings of or above 100 and to passenger ships engaged in international voyages.

Notice D applies to all new passenger ships engaged in domestic voyages.
The provision on medical treatment on board in Notice B is found in chapter II-3 and describes the requirements for a separate sickness bay where one is required.

However, instead of a sickness bay a treatment room can be established that must be appropriately equipped, including a washbasin and an acute treatment place when each member of the crew has his or her own cabin with associated toilet and shower.

Exemptions and equivalents

Any exemptions or equivalent solutions in relation to chapter II-3 must, however, be documented on board so that it is possible to verify compliance with the regulations during an inspection in a manner that is easy for the surveyor.

Please see Notice from the Faroese Maritime Authority, dated 11 December 2012 on Medicine Chest and Health Care on board Ships.