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Faroese flag climbing 12 places upwards

The Faroese flag climbing 12 places upwards the Paris Mou White List of Flags.

The annual report from the Paris Mou for the year 2014 has now been published on their homepage. Together with this newsletter, please find link below showing an overview of the flags on the White List.

The Faroese Maritime Authority (FMA) has closely followed the Faroese flag’s position on the Paris Mou White List of Flags. Every year Paris Mou announces the position of the different flags on the list. As mentioned above, the Paris Mou List of Flags for the year 2014 has just been released and the FMA is pleased to announce that the Faroese flag now is number 26 on the white list which is an advancement of 12 places.

2014 became the year with no detention on any vessel registered in the Faroese International Register (FAS) which again contributes to the good result.

With a position as number 26 on the White List with an EF (Excess Factor) of -0,91, the Faroese flag has made significant advancement compared to 2013 with a position as number 38 and an EF of -0,50. Therefore, the situation has much improved the past years, and the FMA is very pleased with this progress. The Paris Mou White List of flags for 2014 is available at this link: White list

New concentrated inspection campaign - CIC

In the beginning of June this year, the Paris Mou announced that they jointly with the Tokyo Mou are going to carry out new concentrated inspections. From September to November this year high importance will be given on crew familiarization for handling situations in enclosed space entry.

The concentrated inspection campaign carried out by the Paris Mou in 2014 concerning hours of rest, resulted in 912 deficiencies and that 16 vessels were detained due to breach of the provisions on hours of rest. However, there were no Faroese vessels detained.

Paris Mou has decided to carry out a CIC in 2016 to verify compliance with the MLC 2006 Convention with special regard to working and living conditions onboard, as well as ensuring that seafarer’s rights are respected.


As in previous years, our goal is to keep us on an upward move in the Paris Mou White List.
Thus, the FMA impose on the operators to ensure that manning as well as internal inspectors ensure that the conditions onboard the vessel comply with the regulations so that no Faroese vessel will be detained.

For further information, please contact Mr. Hans Johannes á Brúgv on phone +298 35 56 00 or by email fma@fma.fo