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New certificates of competency

Manila STCW 2010: New Certificates of Competency
Following the newsletter from the Faroese Maritime of Authority in July 2014 concerning the STCW Manila 2010 regulations, some questions have been raised. In order that there shall be no doubt about which requirements apply for issuing the different types of certificates of competency, please see updated information below.

Masters having finalized their education in 2006 or later comply with all STCW 2010 requirements and may have their certificate issued. Masters with education prior to 2006 must go through an ECDIS and AIS course.

Skippers having finalized their education prior to 31.12.2014 must go through a BRM course. If the education is finalized prior to 2006, an ECDIS and AIS course is required.

Engineer officers:
Engineer officers comply with all the Manila STCW 2010 requirements to have certificate of competency issued.

Engineers: Engineers having finalized their education prior to 31.12.2014 must go through an ERM course. In order to have the STCW III/6 attestation on the certificate of competency, the person must hold the STCW III/6 course.

Other information
It is not a requirement to go through a tanker safety course to have the certificate of competency issued. However, it is a requirement according to the STCW regulation, that seafarers serving on oil tankers, chemical tankers or gas tankers and who have specific tasks concerning loading and discharge, must hold the tanker safety course.

Engineers having finalized their education later than June 2006 and masters have the tanker safety course included in their education. Consequently, their certificate of competency will be issued with an STCW V/1-1, § 2.2 and V/1-2, § 2.2 attestation.

It is a possibility to issue limited certificates of competency, i.e. certificates of competency without the ARPA, ECDIS and AIS course.