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Concentrated inspection campaign – CIC

Concentrated inspection campaign – CIC

As previous announced, by the Faroese Maritime Authority, in operational newsletter from 24 June 2015, the Paris Mou has announced that they jointly with the Tokyo Mou are going to carry out new more strict inspections.

From September to November this year high importance will be given on crew familiarization for handling situations in enclosed space entry.

The concentrated inspection campaign carried out by the Paris Mou in 2014 concerning hours of rest, resulted in 912 deficiencies and that 16 vessels were detained due to breach of the provisions on hours of rest. However, there were no Faroese vessels detained.

Unfortunately, two Faroese vessels have already in September, in connection with Port State Control, got deficiencies due to lack of drills with regard to enclosed space entry. The Faroese Maritime Authority is in close communication with the owners concerned in order to rectify these matters.

This development is not satisfactory, thus, the FMA once more shall remind all Faroese owners on vessels registered in FAS to ensure that all matters with regard to enclosed space entry is under control.

For further information, please contact Mr. Jógvan Hentze on phone +298 35 56 00 or by email fma@fma.fo