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Recogntition Certificates

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In order to serve on a Faroese flagged vessel, foreign officers and cooks will have to apply for a Certificate of Recognition. The Faroese shipping company or agent will apply on behalf of the seafarer.

A course in Faroese maritime law is required in order to get a certificate of recognition. In some cases, an operational interview is necessary. The course is available here:

Centre of Maritime Studies and Engineering (contact Mr. Jan M. Hjaltalin)

Application Form: for Recognition Certificate
Requirements: A list of requirements when applying for a Faroese Recognition Certificate
Checklist: A checklist with an overview of necessary documents for the application
Requirements for cooks: A list of requirements when applying for Faroese Recognition Certificate.
Recoqnized countries: Countries that have an agreement with Denmark/Faroe Islands on recognition of certificates of competency.