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    The recognized organizations are approved by the Faroese Maritime Authority to certify and inspect all Faroese ships covered by MLC 2006:

    Circulars to Classification Societies:
    No. 01-2013 - Guidance to RO for Flag State Inspections under MLC 2006

    What does an MLC inspection include?
    The 16 elements below must be inspected by the recognized organisations before it is possible to inspect and certify a ship in accordance with the MLC 2006. Click the relevant subject and get more information.

    1. Minimum age
    2. Medical certification
    3. Qualifications of seafarers
    4. Seafarer's employment agreement
    5. Recruitment service
    6. Work and rest hours
    7. Manning levels
    8. Accommodation
    9. Recreational facilities
    10. Food and catering
    11. Health and safety
    12. Medical care
    13. Complaint procedures
    14. Payment of wages
    15. Financial security for repatriation
    16. Financial security relating to shipowner's liability
     DMLC Documents: