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  • REMINDER: Bunker- CLC- Wreck Removal- and Athen Certifikat

    Please be aware of the fact, that valid Bunker Certificates, CLC Certificates, Wreck Removal Certificates and Athen Certifikat  in their original form must be kept on board the ships - otherwise the ship will be detained.

    Bunker Certificates
    All ships 1000 GT and above are obliged to have a Bunker Certificate, which confirms insurance or any other guarantee covering civil liability in connection with pollution damages caused by bunker oil from ships.
    Application  form for Bunker

    CLC certificates
    All tankers transporting 2,000 tons or more are obliged also to have a CLC certificate, which confirms insurance or any other guarantee covering civil liability for oil pollution damages from ships

    Application  form for CLC certificate.

    Wreck Removal Certificates

    Ships with a GT of 300 or more need a certificate. WRC Certificates concern insurance over for liability for the location, marking an removal of wrecks.

    Application  form for Wreck Removal Certificate

    Athens Certificates

    Concern insurance cover for passenger and luggage liability relating to accidents accurring during commercial carriage of passengers by sea.

    Application  form for Athens Certificate

    Application forms can  be submitted to the Danish Maritime Authority in due time. Along with the application must  be enclosed a  declaration from insurance company or the guarantor. An electronic copy of the insurance declaration "the Blue Card" is acceptable, if the insurance company (P&I Club), holds a membership of the international Group of P&I Clubs.

    Faroese Maritime Authority, 22. December 2016